126 Events (DECO PRIVATE brand)

Rental furniture and reception equipment

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126 avenue du General Leclerc - 93 500 Pantin

Tel: 01 48 43 00 00 - Fax: 09 85 44 11 51

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The tenant will have to insure at his expenses the equipment rented on the basis of its new value thus covering the risks of theft, loss or deterioration whatever is the cause or the nature.

To simplify this process, the company 126 Events will offer the tenant to include this insurance in the rental contract for a flat rate of 5% on the total amount of the rental invoice.

During the use of the equipment, any damage or bodily injury caused by the equipment, while in its custody, is the responsibility of the tenant, the latter renouncing in advance any recourse against the company 126 Events.

In the event of non-respect of one of the general conditions of hiring, the cancellation of the contract will be incurred by right.

If the tenant refused to return the equipment, 48 hours after a first formal notice remained unanswered, the check deposit will be cashed as compensation, without

suspend as far as possible any criminal proceedings.


In case of dispute, the court of Bobigny will be only competent.





All our prices are rental prices and are in € excl. VAT for a specific rental period. The tenant is responsible for the equipment or furniture rented.

Any reservation of furniture or equipment entails acceptance of our general rental conditions unless otherwise stipulated.

The rental of furniture or equipment will be final only after written confirmation from us and receipt of your payment and your deposit check.


 A deposit of 50% of the rental will be required to validate the order definitively. The balance will be paid upon removal of the rented items or delivery if it takes place by our company.

A deposit check (not cashed) of an amount of the sale value of the goods will be required.

The cancellation of a firm order will be subject to a minimum invoice equivalent to at least half of it.

The total amount of the order will be due in case of cancellation within 48 business hours of the event.

A VAT of 20% is applied on the whole of the services subject to official modification of its rate.

No discount will be granted in case of advance payment.

A deposit of 50% of the total amount of the rental will be required to validate the order and a deposit check of a value of the total amount of the sale price of the rented item will be required (not cashed) and given upon return of the goods in good condition.


All rentals will be subject to a delivery note stipulating the exact nature of the equipment rented, rental dates and dates of assumption and return.

The removal of furniture or equipment will be done from our showroom in Pantin from Monday to Friday at the indicated times or possibly on Sundays by appointment.

It is agreed that given the nature of the goods, they will absolutely have to be transported by professionals of furniture delivery in case of shipment in Province or abroad (list of Carriers at your disposal at 01 48 43 00 00) .

No courier type carrier is allowed to ship our goods.

The conditions of access must be stipulated precisely by the tenant. If these are different on the day of delivery / and / or recovery, this would result in additional billing proportional to the time spent.


In the event of a rental extension, the customer must inform 126 Events in writing 48 hours before the date of return. Our company reserves the right to accept or not this

extension according to his schedule.

Long term rentals (from one month) are subject to specific terms and conditions.


The renter may not be held responsible for delays or non-delivery due to force majeure or for any reason beyond his control, such as, without limitation: strikes, bad weather,

accident, official ban, natural disaster.


Any deterioration or disappearance of equipment will be immediately invoiced to the tenant on the basis of the current public rate of sale, new value.

The return of the missing elements to the return must not exceed 48 h, delay beyond which a

billing will be established.

The material remains the property of the company 126 Events (which exploits the brand Deco Privé) and is therefore elusive by third parties. Any assignment or subletting is strictly prohibited except in the particular case of a business rental.

It is strictly forbidden for the tenant to make any modification to the rented equipment. Failure by the lessee to meet any of these obligations will result in:

1- the immediate exigibility of any sum remaining due.

2- the payment of 15% of indemnities for recovery costs, subject to any other settlement due.


The tenant is responsible for the material as soon as it is removed or delivered (if delivered) until it is returned. He is solely responsible for any damage to the equipment.

The tenant will have to use the material according to its destination, the responsibility of the company

126 Events can not be held liable for non-functioning or malfunctioning of the rented equipment related to the addition of incompatible equipment or improper installation.