High Tables

Rent high tables and eat standing on Paris or Ile de France - 126 events.

You organize a reception or a lounge and need to rent high tables to accommodate your guests? Opt for one of our models of pretty high tables offered in various styles.

Depending on your event, you will have the choice between high wooden tables of industrial style to be perfectly in the trend or baroque style tables eat upright to match our beautiful bar chairs medallion.

Do you like Parisian bistro-style? we also have a choice of bistro-style standing oysters whose Parisian charm is proving itself to French and foreign customers alike, as well as Fermob high tables, the name of the brand that is so popular that it has almost become so an adjective.

126 events is a professional rental located at the Porte de Paris and is able to deliver a very responsive to all your professional events. 

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