French and Baroque Style Wedding sofas

So frenchy Rental of decorative objects and French style furniture for your event evenings in Paris or in France.

Finding a unique and successful decoration idea requires taste and choices that are often difficult to make. Between the different themes, colors and furniture, setting up a reception place can be complicated. Among all the possibilities, why not opt ​​for a French style while being inspired by chic and trendy furniture? Whatever evening you dress, you can only be charmed. French style: a choice in decorative objects and furniture Whether for an evening outdoors or indoors, the image that reflects the French style does not go unnoticed. The most important in this choice is based on two main points.

Perfect baroque decoration by renting our rococo style sofa to give pep. Quote/installation package in France at a low price.

- Decorative items The few accessories that decorate your reception area can make a big difference in your decorations. Placing miniature Eiffel Towers from around the world allows your guests to notice the attention to detail in your decorations, which will make them feel important. If it is an outdoor reception, the Parisian floor lamp will certainly bring a warm and Parisian atmosphere to your evening. Inheriting a chic and sober design, it finds its place in any course. Is it a fashion evening? 126 events offers the rental of a luminous mirror, of unparalleled beauty. To the long list is added a makeup table, perfect for your parades in the Ile de France. Easy to transport and a most distinguished look, it can be used for various occasions. - The furniture Taking up the most space in your reception hall, these must be chosen so that each room can attract the attention of your guests. 126 events offers in particular the rental of rattan chairs. Being of high quality, these promise you comfortable hours thanks to their perfectly padded back and seat. Also inheriting a design that is both simple and refined, they will only seduce you. To add even more value to your decorations, while offering them a sober and classy side, the Emmanuel rattan armchair is an excellent choice. Its unusual look will certainly attract your guests. Obviously, the tables are not outdone. Between the white rattan coffee table designed to brighten up the garden, the rattan pedestal table, the rustic folding one and the bistro table, you will have only the choice.

126 events: specialist in the rental of decorative objects and furniture.

The rental of furniture and decorative items is becoming more and more important, among other things for its many advantages. To meet everyone's needs, 126 events specializes in this field and offers a large number of decorative furniture and accessories in its catalogs, including those dedicated to the French style. You will find in the show room a whole panoply of French furniture sofa for rent, from a Pompadour sofa to a black Baroque console, via a Napoleon 3 chair to the 2018 World Cup Throne chair.

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