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Sofa rental service for your private or business events, 126 Events offers for rent in Paris, a selection of sofas, benches, and lounges in the English style (Chesterfield and Club Lounge) and Baroque style. In leather or fabric, velvet, in version one, two or three places, baroque style or farmer chic, lounge club, chaise ... at 126 Events, rent the sofa that will best meet your needs. The sofa rental is ideal for your private events such as a wedding, engagement, baptism, or your professional events such as the organization of fair and trade show, a shooting session, a seminar, a works council who celebrates an event, creating a showroom for open doors ...

For your private or business events, 126 Events offers for rent in Paris, Chesterfield sofas, club, and lounge sofas, as well as baroque sofas, banquettes, and chaise lounges.

The widest choice of sofa for rent in our 600 m 2 showroom in Pantin, Porte de Paris.

Chesterfield sofa rental in Paris

The Chesterfield sofa with its characteristic upholstery evokes since the end of the 18th century all the chic of English clubs. Legend has it that the first copy of this sublime sofa was made at the request of Lord Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield. This first brown leather model that served as a model for all the following had the features that we know since this model: a padded and low seat with armrests rounded finish. Synonymous with chic and elegance,

The Chesterfield sofa rental gives a very British style to the decoration of your events. The centerpiece of the living room, the Chesterfield sofa can also be enthroned in a library or a master suite, or in a VIP area for your professional events. In its warehouses, Location Furniture Paris offers many models of Chesterfield sofas for rent in one, two or three-seater version, in brown, black or white leather, in red velvet, or in patchwork version. Give elegance to the organization of your events!

Scandinavian style sofa rental

Impossible to organize an event in Paris or Ile de France without renting a Scandinavian style sofa.

Club sofa and lounge rental

Other English style and other atmosphere with club and lounge sofas from our selection! Again, and even if the club chair is of French origin, the British style is wonderful! In a more cozy version, however, to create a relaxation area with an incomparable atmosphere during your events. Appeared at the beginning of the 20th century in France, the sofa club is a must in the decoration of today. With its bouncy armrests and wraparound seats, the club sofa puts the accent above all on comfort to welcome your guests in a relaxed atmosphere. More accessible than the Chesterfield sofa, the club sofa is inspired by the chic gentleman farmer. Find the sofa club for rent that will best meet your needs: club sofa and lounge in black or red leather, available as a single-seat, or two-seater sofa.

Stylish sofa, banquette and baroque chaise longue

English style does not inspire you? You prefer for your events a more spectacular and exceptional style, as in Versailles? Opt for one of our baroque style sofas or lounges! French or Italian inspired, the baroque style brings fancy and a touch of madness to your presentations. Curved feet, padded backs, convoluted shapes ... the baroque style transforms your event into an exception. In two or three-seater version, in white and silver leather or in red and gold velvet, in gray, pink, midnight blue, black, cream ... When it comes to renting, choose the stylish sofa and the baroque chaise longue from your desires!

Event sofa Paris and Ile de France:

Are you an event agency or a company with a work council? Do you exhibit at a salon?

126 events specializes in event sofa rentals in Paris or Ile de France.

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