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French style metal garden furniture for rent in Paris France

Rental Furniture Paris offers for rent a wide selection of garden furniture. Ideal for your barbecues with friends or colleagues, where for your outdoor events, we offer the rental of garden furniture and outdoor. Whether you like materials such as teak or rattan, or simply braided resin, your rental of garden furniture is necessarily at Rental Furniture Paris. Discover our collection of outdoor furniture and choose the package that suits you.

Garden furniture rental: who to contact?

The art of decoration makes sense when the furniture and accessories that enliven it are in perfect harmony. Whether to highlight the interior or exterior, the choice of furniture must be made so that the final rendering is more than perfect. You want to decorate your garden but do not know who to turn to or what kind of furniture to choose? 126 events is the solution for you.

Garden decoration: a model for every desire

Decorating a garden can be done in many ways. The most important and make it a place that will please you and meet your expectations. Various choices are possible in particular.

- Chic and refined decoration

Creating a friendly atmosphere is quite possible by taking inspiration from the rattan armchair available at 126 Events. It has a simple color, allowing it to integrate any garden. It's matching cushion offers more comfortable moments, ideal to accommodate your guests, whatever the event in question. You can add to your decoration on the rattan sofa. It can be used for any reception, it will make yours outside a place both sublime and refined.

- Glamorous and exotic decoration

The rental of furniture inheriting an exotic design is particularly diverse on 126 events. The natural cane garden armchair, the natural cane bench, the rattan coffee table ... so many choices are available. Real plants are also available. The rental of real palm will allow you to enjoy a better return. In addition, it comes in a nice ceramic pot, making your decor neater.

Garden furniture in braided resin

The braided resin furniture gives a very design and trendy look. This type of furniture fits all gardens and is easy to maintain. Very resistant all of your guests will appreciate the comfort of this furniture very fashionable.

Teak garden furniture

The teak garden furniture is a must in the garden furniture. Very resistant and comfortable, this type of furniture is very popular for outdoor meals between colleagues in offices or with friends. Do not forget the umbrella to place in the center of the table.

Wooden garden furniture

Great classic garden furniture, discover our different models of wooden furniture. Dining table, wooden coffee table, square coffee table, you will find necessarily all that suits you on our site.

Outdoor Wedding Furniture

Celebrating your wedding outdoors gives a unique style but it requires a lot of organization! For your outdoor wedding, we invite you to discover our range of white furniture that will be perfect for your wedding. "

Ion Garden Furniture

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