Rental Furniture Paris France hire for cinema, TV, Magazines

Location Mobilier Paris does not offer high end and baroque furniture for hire only to the trade or wedding planners, we also accomadate the media business, supplying for movie sets, TV shows, magazines covers , advertising, music videos, etc...

You will discover our extensive range of furniture such as chairs, thrones, tables, etc..throughout  our catalogue.

Should you wish to hire baroque furniture for various events whether it is for TV or the big screen , do not hesitate to contact us by e- mail or call us on 01 48 43 00 00

location mobilier plateau tv lido sidaction

Throne hiring for musical show

Deco Privee was chosen by the Sidaction production, TV show raising money to fight AIDS, to furnish the LIDO stage, famous Parisian cabaret.

They selected a majestic throne  where Jenifer Bartoli (pictured above), a famous French singer, strikes a comfortable pose!

Furniture hiring for TV sets

For their show "Tellemet chic", NRJ 12 channel selected from our range a grey velvet and silver wood love seat.

Location mobilier plateau tv nrj12 émission Tellement chic

Location mobilier plateau tv drucker céline dion

Furniture for pop up TV sets

For its show, "Le Grand Show with Celine Dion", France 2 channel chose us to stage the TV set and create a cozy and friendly  atmosphere to accommodate the star singer and her numerous guests.

Just like TF1 channel relied on our experience  in hiring high end furniture to welcome Arthur's guests on his show "on New Yea'r s eve everything s allowed" and make them try our magnificent baroque gold and faux leather throne.

The presenters from "The price is right" were happy to try our pink baroque chair !

Rent chairs for publicity and photo shoots

126 events rented many Napoleon style golden chairs for Christian Dior's 2014 Autumn Collection presentation.  The chairs can be seen in the background.

Mobilier pour publicité Dior

Location mobilier pour plateau TV le dressing de Kim kardashian

Rent furniture from Kim Kardashian's dressing-room

In these photos, you will see our white sky sofas.  They were rented to decoratethe dressing room during the French TV filming of the celebrity Kim Kardashian, seen by 30 billion followers on twitter.

Rent a sofa in Paris France from the filming of a popular television

At 126 events cie, we know the needs and demands of the photographers and decorators, building a décor and all its details. We provide our clients with quality and service, answering to their request and giving them quality furniture.

Producers for the Xbox soccer publicity photo shoot chose to rent OUR throne armchair.  Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the famous soccer player from the PSG, was photographed sitting on this chair.

Mobilier pour tournage publicité xbox Zlatan

Below, you will see our sofa and baroque armchairs rented for a known beer brand advertisement.

We have also received many requests to rent our Victoria sofa. You can see it in the publicity for the Ecusson rosé cider.

location mobilier publicité cidre

Location fauteuil pour GQ Omar Sy

Rent a throne for a magazine cover

It's Omar Sy's turn to sit on our comfortable sofas. For the photo session with Omar Sy for the GQ magazine, we have rented lots of chesterfield armchairs and sofas.

Rent furniture for films and cinema scenery

Our company rents a variety of furniture and sets for the movie industry. We have rented our beautiful throne for the film “ils come back, the profs 2,” poster design and creation.

Location mobilier pour décor plateau de cinéma