Rent furniture for the decor of your window shop

The window designer or decorator creates a visual story with the products in the shop window to promote the viewers' desire to purchase the products.

By virtue of renting our stylish baroque furniture made of ceruse wood, you will be able to make your window shop beautiful and at lower costs.

You will be able, according to the seasons and events (Chirtsmas, Easter, Saint Valentine, sales...) to decorate your window shop in order to enhance the value of your brands and products!

If choose to rent our furniture in order to decorate your window shop, you can contact us by mail: or by phone: 01 48 43 00 00 !

Red Throne chair rental in Paris for events or wedding french style :

rental furniture in Paris Farnce

Rent furniture for luxurious window shops in Paris, in France and abroad

For the holidays, especially for Christmas, it's always nice to decorate one's shop or one's window shop according to the season colors.

For Christmas, our company, 126 events with it website Location Mobilier Paris, rents golden and red velvet Santa Claus thrones. Here, we have rented our throne to a champagne shop in Paris. The result is great!

To decorate your shop's window, contact us, Location Mobilier Paris! Don't hesitate to contact us by Email : or by phone: 01 48 43 00 00 to explain

to us your projects. We pay much attention to every request with a lot of care!  

rental decoration for christmas in Parisrental furniture for christmas decoration in Paris

rental decoration for christmas in Paris

Location de mobilier pour vitrine

Rent a Meridian sofa for a window shop

Below, you can see our golden meridian sofa rented by the decorator of the pret-a-porter Morgan's boutique on the Champs Elysées for the launch campaign of the “Daisy low's” collection.  By virtue of the red velvet meridian sofa and its golden wood decorations, the clothing and jewelry were well displayed in its exquisite value.

Rent furniture for luxurious boutique windows

In order to display the value of your products… how beautiful is this silver throne! 

The high pret-a-porter boutique, ”imagine,” situated on the Champs Elysées, rented a silver throne and a mirror, both in a baroque style. Thanks to this mixture, the decorator has presented the dress stand with a great elegancy.

Location mobilier pour vitrine magasin champs elysées